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News: Friends of Goshen Parks

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4/1/2014 12:00:00 AM  Recreation Department 

Friends of Goshen Parks, Ltd. (FOGP) was founded in 2009 through the efforts of the Goshen Join Recreation Commission (JRC).  The vision of FOGP is to help the Goshen JRC create and maintain an inviting, well-equipped and safe park system for all citizens and visitors.  Since its beginning, FOGP became organized to raise funds and accept contributions from the public and encourage community participation in maintaining our parks.  

The Goshen JRC maintains and operates more than 100 acres of developed and undeveloped parkland.  The strategic initiative of FOGP will enable the Goshen JRC to achieve its mission to:
  • To inspire and enrich physical and emotional wellness in he lives of Goshen residents;
  • To provide quality recreation, sports and cultural programs to Goshen residents of all ages;
  • To groom and enhance existing park lands at a level that encourages active and passive enjoyment by residents and fosters a deep sense of pride;
  • To maximize public use of existing park lands and work in partnership with nearby public facilities such as schools, library and to increase recreation opportunities for Goshen residents without duplicating resoures;
  • To continually assess the community's future needs and to responsibly develop new park lands in a timely manner and with fiscal prudence.
Friends of Goshen Parks, Ltd. is a separate entity from the Town & Village of Goshen and Goshen Parks and Recreation.  It is governed by a Board of Directors and staffed by volunteers.  FOGP is a non-profit and tax exempt organization that depends on the contributions of money and materials for the acquisition of new parks and preserves and for the renovation of existing parks.