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  • 2018 Camp Counselor Application If you would like to apply for employment with our Summer Day Camp please print this form and return it to our office no later than May 1. No applications will be accepted after May 1. To be fair to all applicants, no one will be notified of acceptance until after May 1. Please show that you are prepared for the responsibility that comes with helping, teaching and interacting with younger children by filling our your pwn paperwork. We appreciate it when the applicant (not parents) contact us with questions.

  • 2018 CIT Application CIT Program - Counselors In Training (age 15) Our Counselor in Training Program is designed to offer motivated and enthusiastic young people an opportunity to prepare for positions as camp counselors. Emphasis is placed upon developing leadership skills, sensitivity to children, responsibility and program skills. An ideal candidate for the CIT program will be prepared for the responsibilities included with the position. A good way to demonstrate that you are prepared is by filling out your own paperwork and calling or emailing the office yourself if you have questions. Please don't have Mom or Dad do it for you! Because we always experience high interest in our CIT program and space is limited, not everyone who applies will be accepted into the program.

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